Summer Camp, Chapter 2

by Lorinda Jade

OK ladies, lets pair up for the short walk down to the stream, Lorinda commanded.

Immediately, Gloria grabbed Ayeshas tiny hand, Satin chose Trixie, the cousins Hanna and Naomi were having a discussion about whether J-Lo or Christina was hotter, so Lorinda took Elsas hand to lead the procession out of the log cabin and along the narrow path that lead to the stream. The others followed with Gloria and Ayesha bringing up the rear. Lorinda couldnt help noticing how Elsa kept glancing across ogling her 34B breasts jiggling as she walked. They soon got to the grassy hollow beside the cool clear water. Gloria and Ayesha it seemed had removed their shorts and sandals just as they were arriving and they both ran shamelessly into the water, giggling as they went. Lorinda watched with a certain amount of pleasure, as she had gotten to know Gloria pretty well over the course of the summer, and was delighted that the 13yo she was so fond of was finally coming out of her shell and seemed to have found a soul mate in the precocious 8yo black girl. Satin and Trixie were the next to get naked and enter the stream and they instigated a fun splashing game with Gloria and Ayesha. Lorinda noticed that Elsa seemed a little reticent to get undressed, so as she was stepping out of her shorts she suggested that maybe Elsa should start off by just taking off her t-shirt and sitting topless on the grass for a while. Lorinda, now naked, sat down next to her and put a reassuring arm around the soft smooth skin of her back. They chattered away and watched the four naked nymphs having fun in the water.

Hanna and Naomi were walking (undressed) to the waters edge and continued to argue over J-Lo vs. Christina when Hanna suddenly screamed, No! J-lo is definitely the hottest fucking bitch!.

Fuck you, Christina all the way! Naomi screamed back and tripped her older cousin just as they neared the waters edge.

Hanno slipped over into the mud and Naomi jumped on top of her, attempting a schoolgirl pin, but the older (and stronger) girl soon had Naomi on her back. As they started to play wrestle, Lorinda jumped up and slipped her whistle round her neck. Peep!. OK ladies, lets make this a proper wrestling match, the first girl to be pinned for a three-count loses! she declared. Elsa sprang up from where she had been sitting to watch the ensuing catfight, and the dripping wet girls in the stream also focused their attention on the catfight. The two cousins rolled around in the mud, slapping each other and pulling hair to the obvious delight of the others who encouraged them with cheers and suggestions.

Beat the fucking crap outta her, Naomi! shouted the usually demure Elsa.

Hannah, whip her fucking ass! Trixie proposed.

And so the grappling went on until Hannah had the almost exhausted Naomi pinned, but with a final spurt of energy, Naomi somehow managed to push Hannah off and get her onto back. She straddled the older girls shoulders. Then she started to piss over her cousins face, which cause Hanna to gag slightly, and somehow this time the schoolgirl pin held.

One! Two! Three! Lorinda counted in her best referee style, thumping her hand down on the ground.

All the girls applauded as Lorinda took Naomis hand and held it high, We have a winner! she declared. Elsa ran up to the mud covered Naomi and flung her arms round her. Naomi returned the favour and leaned over to kiss her on the lips, pulling the shy girls shorts down and fondling her pert ass cheeks. Soon the shorts were off and they continued to shamelessly embrace. Hannah just glared through the piss-drenched straggles of hair plastered across her face. Lorinda ran into the water, immediately submerging herself before playfully ducking the others under the water. She was delighted to observe the new-found lovers, Elsa and Naomi, making out at the edge of the water. It seemed that Elsa was finally shedding her inhibitions as she eagerly showered her lover with all manner of acts of affection. Naomi was just as pleased to reciprocate.

Satin and Ayesha waded towards the shallower water until they were only knee-deep and they both openly masturbated as they watched the lesbian show, plunging fingers deep into their own and each others cunts. Hannah finally decided to be happy for her cousin and her lover. She embraced the entwined girls and exchanged french kisses with each one. Gloria turned her attentions to Lorinda and started fondling with and suckling on her nipples, while the excitable Trixie suddenly got out of the stream and squatted at the waters edge. She pulled her cunt lips wide and in a state of hypnotic rapture let forth a long stream of piss. Gloria suddenly pulled away from Lorinda and bound over to where Trixie was squatting. She knelt down and started to lick the young wet cunt.

Mmmm fuck, this tastes so fucking yummy, she muttered to herself.

Ayeshas razor-sharp hearing picked up on her girlfriends remarks and like a coiled tiger she leapt over to where Gloria was kneeling. She stood just inches in front of the redhead with her feet spread wide apart and she pulled open her labia giving Gloria a delicious show of pink which contrasted so well with her black skin. Gloria opened her mouth and began to stick out her tongue in readiness for plunging in. But Ayesha had a full bladder and had other ideas. She took aim and skilfully fired her yellow jet towards Glorias expectant mouth. Gloria drank wantonly and eagerly slurped up as much of the amber nectar as she could, although she did enjoy the feel of the warm spray trickling over her face. Trixie soon felt the need to go again and stood to the side of Ayesha and pissed some more over Gloria. When both girls bladders were empty, Gloria struggled to catch her breath.

Fuck that was so fucking nasty, but I loved it! she gasped.

Lorinda came over to fling her arms round Gloria. She started to lick lasciviously round her face and plant kisses on her salty lips.

Mmmm preteen piss tastes so fucking sweet, she stated in an almost matter-of-fact way.

Meanwhile, Trixie and Ayesha were still kissing, hugging and fondling each other, and Satin had joined in with Naomi, Elsa & Hannah for a four-way lesbian grope session, paying the most attention to Hannah. Lorinda tried to compose herself, which wasnt easy with all the lesbian lolita shenanigans going on, and she glanced down at her mobile phone.

Fucking hell, she declared, its almost half past five! We better get back to clean up in time for dinner.

Reluctantly all the girls attempted to calm down but their sense of euphoria was running at fever pitch. They each slipped on their sandals, and scooped up their bits and pieces for the walk back to the cabin, but no-one bothered to get dressed. This time the pairings were: Elsa with Naomi, Hannah with Satin, Trixie with Ayesha, leaving Gloria and Lorinda. As they all wearily plodded back to base, Lorinda observed to Gloria, It seems we have some new alliances forming.

Yeah, Gloria replied, we could be in for an interesting evening..

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